BeeZee Junk Removal - Creating and refining of a junk removal experience to create new business opportunities and scale a sustainable brand.

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Project details


BeeZee Junk is a removal service operating in Chicago and in the surrounding suburbs. Company offers a variety of removal services for residential and commercial properties.

The goal

The goal: to create more brand awareness in the local market and generate more leads.


User research, design sprints,
concept and prototypes, testing, webflow development.


  • UX/UI Design

  • Branding design

  • Webflow development


The junk removal industry is a huge industry in USA, which began to significantly grow in the last 30 years. As more people buy more and more things, the need for junk removal has grow more than ever.

Although companies are using more and more sustainable products, there will still be a huge demand for junk removal as long as the people continue to buy goods. Modern solutions are needed to handle this growing industry with having in mind also the climate change.

Research & target audience

Based on the answers from the interviews & market research, we were able to create user profiles for the various target groups (especially beginners and professionals), with their specific needs - and a weighting of these needs according to their importance for the respective target group.

Every interaction matters

Making a great brand experience is increasingly about shaping an excellent overall user experience. While physical points of contact remain crucial, digital interactions now have a bigger influence on how consumers see brands.

The BeeZee Junk Values help create consistent and enjoyable experiences throughout the entire user journey.

The 4 simple yet strong principles explain the intended effect of the brand at its various touchpoints. They guide everyone involved in creating these experiences.


I effectively handled the important milestones and project goals by utilizing agile methods, and we accomplished their successful execution through maintaining a strong connection with the customer, who was actively engaged throughout the process.

At the same time, my approach that prioritize the needs and preferences of the users, including the development of Experience Values, the utilization of Design Sprints, played a pivotal role in ensuring the organization and clarity of the content management.

Moreover, because of the plan to make fast initial versions and keep improving the way the user interface looks and works, the introduction of the new brand style gives users the benefit of being able to quickly and easily explore and get involved.


The new branding idenity, including refreshed colours and a system of icons, mirrors BeeZee Junk Removal reflects the company's evolution.

The simple, clear and digitally adaptable design system helps BeeZee Junk Removal captivating fresh audiences and maintaining a competitive edge over their competitors.

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