iDeal of Romania - Checkout redesign & optimization for a romanian ecommerce store

Project details


My role: UX/UI Designer

Services: UX/UI Design

About iDeal of Romania

Ideal of Romania is a romanian e-commerce store specializing in the sale of fashionable bags, phone accessories, and high-quality house products.

Presenting the problem

The client's existing checkout process faced several challenges, leading to cart abandonment and a drop in sales. Users were experiencing friction during the checkout journey, resulting in frustration and lost revenue for the store.

The challenge was to identify pain points, streamline the checkout process, and create a user-friendly and efficient system that would increase completion rates and customer satisfaction.

My role

As a UX designer on the project, my role was to lead the project by analyzing the existing checkout flow, understanding user behaviour, expectations, and come up with a solution that would align with the client's business goals while addressing user needs.


My process

My Solution

The solution designed was centered around simplifying the checkout process and instilling trust in the users. I implemented a checkout system that would allow users to review their cart, select payment options, and provide shipping details. To enhance user confidence, we integrated secure payment gateways and prominently displayed the steps throughout the checkout process.

Key learnings

Through this project, I learned the importance of understanding the target audience and their pain points to create a user-centric solution. It reinforced the significance of usability testing and gathering feedback from real users to validate design decisions. Additionally, I discovered that an intuitive and streamlined checkout process is crucial for enhancing the overall e-commerce experience and driving sales.

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