Vibes Studio-Baia Mare - The power of electrostimulation

Project details


Vibes Studio is a fitness center specializing in electrostimulation, dedicated to transforming your training experience.

The goal

The goal: to become more dominant in the local market and in online industries.


User research, design sprints,
concept and prototypes, testing.


  • UX/UI Design

  • Branding design

  • Tools training

  • Social media assets


Our challenge was to communicate the high quality standards of the electrostimulation devices as well as the feeling of the individual models in the design.

The focus here is on a well-thought-out user experience in order to familiarize customers with all aspects of the products and the company and to entice them to make a purchase decision in the best possible way.

Research & target audience

Based on the answers from the interviews & market research, we were able to create user profiles for the various target groups (especially beginners and professionals), with their specific needs - and a weighting of these needs according to their importance for the respective target group.


I helped Vibes Studio-Baia Mare to realize its vision in the launch of the new brand design. To reflect these standards, a new modern design was created, that focuses on quality, reliability and expertise.

I have developed a design system for the brand that can be easily adapted to the new website by the end of July 2024. This design system It enables us to present the Vibes Studio-Baia Mare brand precisely and consistently at all customer contact points.