Fitness trainer Voivod Florina -A fresh visual identity for fitness Coaching

Project details


Voivod Florina is a fitness trainer from Baia Mare, Romania. She also owns an electrostimulation studio.

The goal

New visual identity and brand awareness on local market and on social media.

The challenge

Differentiation on the market, high competition, strategy.


User research, design sprints,
tools training, concept and prototypes.

Project details

Sector: Fitness and Health

My role: UX/UI Designer

Services: User research, design sprints,


The challenge was to transform Florina's brand, a fitness trainer in a highly competitive market, with a fresh visual identity. This involves creating a captivating look that resonates with her fitness philosophy, using appealing colors, fonts, and images.

Ultimately, setting measurable goals comes with a need to utilize analytics to track the effectiveness of the new strategy  based on user feedback and engagement metrics.

The goal

In the long term, Florina's primary aim is to assist clients in achieving their personal fitness goals while ensuring their workouts are safe and effective.

She's also focused on building a strong, supportive fitness community, improving the overall health and well-being of her clients, and guiding them to their full potential in health and fitness.



My approach started an in-depth exploration of her specific needs and challenges. This was achieved through a series of workshops where I actively engaged with her, other fitness professionals and clients.

These sessions were vital for the start design process, ensuring that solutions were not just visually compelling but also functionally aligned with her approach to fitness.

Target group

Based on the answers from the interviews & market research, we were able to create user profiles for the various target groups (especially beginners and professionals), with their specific needs - and a weighting of these needs according to their importance for the respective target group.

2.Concepts and prototypes

Data from research was pivotal in guiding ideation and brainstorming sessions. This phase was marked by the development of initial mockups, emphasizing mobile optimization. Through these mockups, we visualized our ideas, allowing us to explore various design solutions.

This process of creating and refining prototypes was iterative, ensuring that each version was increasingly aligned with our user research insights, and optimized for a seamless mobile user experience.


This case study highlights the importance of a user-centric design approach in the fitness industry.

Through workshops, adapting to trends like the increasing focus on video content, and leveraging insights from market research to create tailored user profiles, we crafted a strategy that resonated with diverse target groups.

This approach led to a digital presence that was visually appealing, functional, and strongly connected with the users, ultimately enhancing engagement and building a vibrant online fitness community.