Bodenleger Experte - Designing the landing page of a German flooring installation contractor

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Project Details


Bodenleger-Experte is a Hamburg based contractor specialized in a variety of flooring installation for both commercial and residential services.


User research, design sprints,
concept and prototypes, testing.

My role

Lead UX/UI Designer


  • UX/UI Design

  • Branding design

  • Tools training

  • Social media assets


Design a visually captivating and user-friendly website for a Hamburg-based flooring installation company that showcases their expertise, establishes trust with potential customers, and drives conversions.

Research - asking the right questions

The research phase involved an investigation of various aspects to ensure a better understanding of the target audience, competitors, brand values, content strategy, user experience, and local considerations.

The objective of the research plan is to identify key insights and information necessary for the successful development of Bodenleger Experte's website and brand identity.

User experience

The design process for Bodenleger Experte was a collaborative effort that started with crafting user stories based on extensive research, including user and stakeholders interviews, market research, competitive analysis.

These stories were then estimated in terms of complexity for concept, design and development, and prioritised accordingly. The process demanded dedication but undeniably resulted in a positively impactful outcome, benefiting from shared understanding and co-creation.

An important aspect of crafting the brand identity involved building the foundational elements of the brand elements like typography, color, and imagery. This ensures practical and consistent utilization of design resources across the entire company.


In order to give Bodenleger Experte's language a fresh, high-quality appearance and to achieve a high level of recognition, stylistic elements were used in a targeted manner.

These elements are not only visually appealing, but also highlight the exclusivity of our products, including our new floor installation service. The harmonious blend of colors, images, and typography creates an inspiring overall look that reflects the creative essence of Bodenleger Experte.

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